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Вот какие люди играют в Ингресс))) Я так рада быть частью этой большой и веселой тусни))))

Это краткий отчет в фотографиях о прошедшей операции "24 часа синей Европы"

24 Hours of Blue - Main Sitrep
A Resistance Operation for the whole of Europe

36 Countries
1644 players
10,881 level 8 portals
10,104 level 7 portals
25,843,894 mu

24 hours of blue was a resistance operation across the whole of Europe, from Portugal to Eastern Russia, and from Norway to Greece. Our aim was to activate as many players as possible on the 16th of November 2014, to celebrate the two year anniversary of Ingress  #IngressYearTwo . We united agents from 36 countries under one banner 24 Hours of Blue! for fun and resistance action.

It started out as an 8 farm operation, and became so much more. Resistance in Europe wanted an operation that anyone and everyone could take part in, whether they were a major player from the top 1000 in a big city like London, or a new level 1 player starting this week in a small town in Eastern Europe. The aim was fun, adventure and new friends across a continent! We achieved our goal!

Thank you to all the agents who went out in rain or sun, to play, build amazing farms, and fields, drink beer and eat delicious food, and enjoy Ingress adventures!

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