April 7th, 2009

ой)) мамочки))

I'm already at work by 9:45am!

У нас сегодня на работе с утра аншлаг : )
Да еще и все нарядные такие : )))
А все дело в том, что в пятницу мы получили вот такое письмо:

"Please be aware that on Tue, April 7, Mr. *** (Chief Country Officer for *** Russia) will visit the Taganka office. Mr. *** will be meeting with Mr. *** at 10am and will take a tour of all the 3 DB floors in Taganka.
Please make sure your people are already at work by 9:45am on this day as we do not want the offices to be empty during the tour. "

так и живем = )